We are flexible in terms of working with clients that want our assistance with respect to particular aspects of the transaction. Some of the specialized services we provide are;

Business Plans

A business plan forces an owner to address the issues critical for success. The plan serves as a road map to the next value level, and it demonstrates to potential purchasers that the company has focus and direction.

Preparing For Sale

Pre-sale preparation can dramatically enhance the transaction value. Knowing who the likely buyer will be and what they will be looking for can dramatically improve the price and provide a smoother and quicker sale process. We employ a detailed step by step approach to reviewing the entire operation to determine what aspects need to be improved or modified. One such item is the quality of current management. Buyers will assess strengths and weaknesses of both departing and remaining personnel, and factor these findings into the overall pricing proposition.

Negotiating, Deal Structuring and Problem Solving

At times vendors will have been approached by qualified buyers. Thought the acquisitor target is known, vendors still require assistance in negotiating the final deal. We will modify our usual approach and fees to provide customized services to fit the situation.